Cold press juice tastes delicious. We all know the delicious and nutritious taste of freshly squeezed juice. But what is cold pressed juice? And how is cold press juice made? Cold pressed juice is made differently to freshly squeezed juice. Their methods of extraction are what makes them different. In the cold-press juicing process, no heat is used to extract the juice, therefore no nutrients are lost. Research shows that people that eat the greatest quantity of fruit and vegetables are about half as likely to develop cancer than those who eat little or no fruit and vegetables.

Our juice is made using the finest organic ingredients. The fruit and vegetables are pressed using a hydraulic press to extract all of the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. Our juicer isn’t the one you’d find in your kitchen. The freshly squeezed juice is refreshing and tasty and produces a delicious and nutritional.


The hydraulic process used to produce our organic cold pressed juice protects and preserves the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. The hydraulic press produces no heat and therefore you get all the healthy nutrients from the fruits and veggies without any compromise on flavour. We get 100% vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients when we drink cold pressed juices. At CLOW Cleanse, we are dedicated to producing the best organic cold press juice available.

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