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  • 3 Day Detox Guide 
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Meet The Coach

Lucy Round

Lucy round – health coach

  • Fully Accredited Nutrition Coach
  • Fully Accredited Wellness Coach 
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Qualification
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Exercise Referral Specialist for people with common clinical conditions
  • Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management Coach 
  • Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition Coach
  • Level 3 Behavioural Change Coach

The program is simple and easy to follow if you are truly ready to take action on resetting your health and focus on your self care.

All tasks are quick, easy and manageable; even if you only have 5 minutes per day. The programme consists of easy to follow recipes and guides that take the faff out of being healthy. My aim is for even the most busiest people to achieve success. The more you commit and focus on improving your health, the easier it becomes.

If you follow the meal ideas, complete the daily tasks and truly take the time out to DE-stress the body and the mind then you will most likely start to feel the benefits even after just 3 days. It is incredible how quickly the body can restore itself and get you feeling better again when it is well nourished and cared for correctly. Your body is such a powerful machine, don’t underestimate it!

It depends! If you currently have a fairly processed diet, you are consuming quite a lot of sugar, caffeine or alcohol, sometimes it can take the body a few days to adjust and you may notice a few withdrawal symptoms when cutting these substances out of the diet. This week is about removing the overload of toxins out of the body to allow your body to have a break and reset. This is such a positive and powerful process to do for you and your health, but it is important not to underestimate the power that substances like caffeine and sugar may currently have on your body.

It is common to experience feelings of nauseousness or headaches during the time that these toxins are working their way out of the body. Everyone is indivudual and everyone’s body will react slghtly differently. Depending on how reliant you are on these substances currently, may determine the level of side effects you experience. I provide plenty of information around this during the programme and I am always on hand to discuss any concerns you may have in more detail. There are different options for you when you undertake the 3 day reset at the end of the programme. The reason I provide these options is so you can opt for the most suitable ‘reset’ for you right now.

No. If you do not have a juicer then you can follow the smoothie recipes.

Yes. Gentle stretching, yoga, and walking are encouraged during the self-care process.